Trying Out Flock Again

After watching Liz Davis’ great screencast about using Mozilla’s “social browser,” Flock (a browser-on-steroids), I decided to try it out again. I’d downloaded it awhile ago and never really fully gave it a chance. Gotta say that I’m not totally loving all of it yet, but I might grow to like it better.

I love several of the web2.0-ish aspects of it. For example, I’m blogging from it right now! note: posting from Flock didn’t work tonite, although I tested it a few days ago and it was fine, so maybe a glitch??? I’m getting used to the feed reader–I have always preferred using an rss aggregator add-on to my Firefox. It’s my favorite way to read my collected feeds, although it is limited, of course, since it resides in the browser. Flock has the same problem, but I’m not comfortable with the Flock interface quite yet.

I also love, love, LOVE the clipboard sidebar in Flock, which enables you to simply drag any item–photo, link, video, pdf–to the clipboard so that you can later use it in a blog post, google doc, etc. easily. Very convenient!

Flock seems to be a little….cumbersome….to me in some ways though. It takes a bit of time to load (aren’t we impatient these days…), and there are several tools that I’m not that interested in right now. I love my Firefox browser because it’s light and I can add whatever add-ons I know I’m going to use. Flock seems interesting enough to use it for a while though–I may love it in the end!

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