Belated Thoughts on K12Online Conference

Wow! Is it ever easy to slide and not post for weeks! I’ve been swamped, for one thing, and for another, I’ve been a bit…disconcerted & didn’t want to blog before I got my brain around a couple of things. I’ll post later about that though…I needed to just get a post up tonight so that I’m over the hump and maybe I’ll get back to posting semi-regularly!

I’m still trying to catch up and enjoy the K12Online presentations. So many of them were sooo good. Like many people whom I’ve heard give an opinion on various edtech podcasts, I thought Sylvia Tolisano’s presentation, Travel Through Space and Time was just so inspiring! Her school completed a virtual “trip” to China using a Build-a-Bear to give students a focus in their studies. The entire elementary school studied Chinese customs, history, geography, culture, and then 2 teachers (with the bear) actually traveled to China. They used blogs, digital video & photography and various other web2.0 tools to keep in touch, real time, and bring the trip to the children in their school. What a great idea! And it sounds like they’ve really squeezed all the learning opportunities and connectivity out of it that they possibly could! I’m sure the students at her school will never forget this vivid learning experience! Wow!
Wheels turning in my brain…

K12 Online Conference

As are many edtech teacher geeks, I’m really looking forward to the next 2 weeks’ K12 Online Conference! What an amazing world we live in that people from all over the globe can be excited about this virtual event!

I’ll probably blog more later about it, but I just wanted to say that Lisa Durff’s blog post today made me laugh. She listed the 6 descriptors that David Warlick suggests identify today’s students’ different learning styles, and she commented:

today’s learners are a new breed. I see myself in that list, bolstering my idea that I am not a digital immigrant, but an illegal digital alien.

I haven’t deconstructed that to see what exactly it is that makes us illegal aliens, but I do feel a bit like that myself somehow, Ms. Durff! Funny observation!

K12 Online Conference Next Week!

In a week, the second annual K12 Online Conference begins, and it’s the talk of the edublogosphere right now. I’m very excited to about it and am really looking forward to some thought-provoking addresses and conversations as the conference gets started.

The organizers have asked that we spread the word about the conference by stating our 3 reasons for participating. See Wesley Fryer’s original meme post here.

My 3 Reasons for Participating (for the first time) this year:

1. It’s fantastic to have this access to so many people that are thinking about the same things I am these days as I try to create a 21st Century Library for my students & teachers. What an opportunity–and it’s free!

2. The learning from this conference can go on all year long (or longer) through the archives, wikis, discussions on the K12 Online Conference site. If I get swamped in the middle of the conference (I hope I won’t!), I can pick up where I need to. If I want to hear a presentation again, it’s available! Powerful.

3. This conference fits my learning needs & interests right this minute better than what I have available to me locally. “Just in time” learning, I hope.

To further this meme, I am tagging the other participants in my district’s Library2.0 Cohort.
I’ll start with:

Lifelong Learner
Mama Librarian
Not Done Learning

Maybe they’ll tag some of the rest of our friends!

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