Moving from AR to Authentic Accountability

This morning, Jennifer Lagarde tweeted a link to a blog post by Rachel Peck that was so fabulous that I had to share and comment! When I went to make a comment, my post wasn’t saving correctly, so I just decided to dust off the old blog and post it here!

This is a FABULOUS post! Agreed! You crushed it!
This is a post that should be shared! I will have it at the ready for my teachers, most coming from other schools and districts, who lament the day that I let AR die a quiet death at my elementary school. The collateral damage that AR does far outweighs any small, anecdotal advantages it presents. Additionally, if our goal is to make informed, research-based decisions that are best for the healthy development of children, AR, with its lack of independent supporting research is a very expensive folly. I wonder what innovative, engaging library programs & improvements $3500+ per year/per campus might make!

If you’re at all interested in literacy, go read her blog post now! Rachel Peck has provided such a strong, thoughtful argument for authentic reading programs (see Donalyn Miller’s work) as opposed to reading accountability programs such as AR!

Accountability makes adults’ jobs easier. Authentic reading benefits children.



Biblioburro an Inspiration

Thanks to a colleague, I found this wonderful story from CNN’s Heroes series. It fits so perfectly with one of our Bluebonnet Nominee books for 2010-2011, That Book Woman by Heather Henson & David Small! This story is current & contemporary though, and will bring this story full circle to our kids.

Luis Soriano is a teacher and evangelist for education and the power of literacy for children and adults in rural Columbia. Twice a week, he saddles his 2 burros, Alpha and Beto (LOL), and carries 120 children’s books, to the far reaches of his region–a journey of up to 8 hours a trip! Not only does he deliver books for these young minds to devour, but he teaches lessons he’s prepared, and supports the adults in these families as some of them learn to read as well.

What a mission, and what a man! Thanks CNN for bringing his story, his integrity and his passion for the power of literacy to us all!

From the CNN web site:
Want to get involved? E-mail Luis Soriano at

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