Education & Tech News to Use: How to Create an Infographic in an Hour or Less [5 Free PPT Templates]

Info TemplateHave you noticed infographics popping up all over the web lately? They’re the hottest thing around!

Here’s a short article about creating them in MS Powerpoint–be sure to check out the 5 free infographic templates for Powerpoint too! Filed under: infographics, visualization, howto, creativity, GREAT, 4me, 4tchrs, 4MoiraDigitalProjects


Education & Tech News to Use: 12 Free Add-ons That Take Docs And Sheets To The Next Level | The Gooru

The Gooru posted a great list of possible add-ons to make Google Docs & Sheets even better! As our faculty begins to get familiar and comfortable with GAFE tools, I hope that they will begin to explore apps, extensions and add-ons!

As for these add-ons, I tried a few, and Flubaroo is amazing! Fax Machine is really useful too! There are some great suggestions here! Filed under: GAFE, google, Add-ons, productivity, toplist, 4tchrs, pd

Education & Tech News to Use: Research Shows 6 in 10 Millennials Have Low Tech Skills

Searching...Question Mark

Wow! The “digital natives” theory from 10 years ago certainly seems not to be bearing true! Too bad so many in the field of ed put so much credence in it! Exposure to tech does not translate to efficiency. We’ve got to get in front of this problem and train teachers so that they can guide their students. The time is now!
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Education & Tech News to Use: Relationships Online Graphic

This is a very useful infographic describing the spectrum of online relationships, from simple exposure through full collaboration. Will Richardson shared this in a workshop June 2015. How many educators are in the “unaware” or “encounter” phase when it comes to some of the thinkers driving innovation in our classrooms? Is it necessary for all teachers to be aware of these innovators? What is the tipping point that is necessary for meaningful change in our school community?
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Education & Tech News to Use: Turn the Assignment In and THEN Do the Assignment | Teacher Tech

Alice Keeler

In this short post & video, Alice Keeler discusses how formative assessment is helpful to both student and teacher, and how tools such as Google Apps for Education facilitate the process, making deeper learning possible. Great reason to get proficient in using GAFE tools effectively with students!
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Education & Tech News to Use: Graphic Novels Matter!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 8.16.38 AMFor those of us who don’t really “get” graphic novels, here’s a great resource from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to help us re-evaluate their importance to our students’ reading development. Personally, I wish I liked them more–I really do–but I do appreciate that my kids (including my own personal kid, and she’s an adult) connect to graphic novels in a profound way.

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Education & Tech News to Use: Tweets Are Public

Here’s a clip from the movie Chef (2014) about how twitter works. Funny. Has the word a-hole in it and a bleep at the end–so be forewarned–it’s not a piece to share with students. It’s a perfect reminder for adults though that social media is public. Really! We need to understand how to use it.

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Education & Tech News to Use: Still Just Using Tech?

EdTech Use Chart

Wow! We are solidly in the “using tech” category in my school. In fact, in some classes, I suspect there isn’t even very much effective “using tech” going on. It makes the dismantling of our district edtech dept very troubling.

Within our building though, we are focusing on changing the culture, so I’m hoping to move the needle a bit to the Tech Integration side in the next school year.

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Education & Tech News to Use: Ten Alternatives to Book Reports by Mary Catherine Miller | Nerdy Book Club

Students Cook Food from a StoryHere are some fun ideas for students that allow for more creative exploration of a story! Fun possibilities!

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Education & Tech News to Use: Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization

How many of us really understand the difference in these three terms? Is it even possible to personalize learning in a TX classroom?
As we think about how to meet the needs of all learners in our classrooms, it’s important that we all use the lesson design vocabulary in the same way. Interesting.

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