Nice Tag Cloud…

I liked the tagcloud I made today on Wordle using my Delicious tags. Shaped nicely like a tree–nice metaphor. Now I need a catchy name for it. Tree for Tomorrow’s Learning? Tree2.0? If I were cleverer, I’d come up with something wonderful…ideas? Librarians!

Our Web 2.0 for Librarians group is discovering tonight!

Here is one of my favorite down-to-earth explanations of what Delicious and other social bookmarking tools enable us to do! Common Craft, the producer of this video tutorial has provided so many great tutorials that it’s worth mentioning them over and over!
Thanks Common Craft!

And here is David Warlick’s explanation–another great one!

Week 6 Thing#14

I’m exploring Technorati again for this Thing. I have spent some time here in the past, but I always come away thinking I’m missing parts–I’m trying to fill in the gaps. One thing that I always forget to do is tag my posts, so I’m going to try to remember to do a better job at that.

The Discovery Exercise had us search for terms using various advanced features. I found that “school library learning 2.0” gets the results I wanted–can’t forget the quotations–and the Quick View is a very handy element!

Obviously, tagging is the element that makes it possible for the “social” part of web2.0 to take place. It’s the reason that we can find cool photos on flickr that are that certain shade of blue, how we can find others with similar interests–it’s how virtual community building is made easy and convenient. It’s very powerful, and since you can tag your work with as many tags as you want to, it is flexible too. And for the most part it works amazingly well. Tagging is perhaps the most powerful aspect of this new (to me and my fellow school library 2.0 learners) world.

However, the librarian in me (geeky, I know) also sees the limitations that come with such a non-standardized cataloging system. I found posts tagged with misspellings, with or without spaces, etc. These nonstandard tags (most of them mistakes) render that piece of work on the web invisible–that’s the fly in the ointment. Just a reminder for myself to tag carefully and try to think like the person that might be searching for my work so I use effective tags.

Week 6 Thing #13

This activity for School Library Learning 2.0 deals with social bookmarking, tagging, and in particular. is one of my favorite web2.0 tools–I use it all the time! As I go through this activity, I am learning more about how I can organize my bookmarks (by bundling the tags), and just how the “social” part of the idea of social bookmarking works. Now I just need to carve out the time and actually prune and organize my bookmarks better!

I have found a couple of interesting links on the SLL2.0 page –one is
5 Ways to Mark Up the Web . This article discusses various ways to annotate web pages and share your thoughts with a work group or class–I’ve tried Trailfire, and I can see how it would be very useful in the classroom because you could have students follow your trail from site to site and your Trailfire “notes” could help them know what to study/where to go on each page. Particularly useful with younger students or special needs students. The problem (as always) is that you have to sign in to use it, and we’ll probably not be able to do that at school.

As for the use of at school, of course I see how the social or interactive aspect of the site is an added value to other more “traditional” sites like MyBookmarks , but frankly, I’m not entirely sure we are able to get to it through our school filter either. I’ll have to check next time I’m up there. I suspect that many of these Web2.0 tools that we’re looking at in this program are a half-step ahead of what our IT department is ready to allow us to do at school. I think it’s getting less restrictive bit by bit in our district, but I’m still stymied many times when I want to use a cool new tool and then find that it’s filtered out at work.

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